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We recognize the need to save now in order to make future investments. This is why we offer various loan products.
Pecan Salary Loan Product- PESL
It is designed to enable salary earners access quick short term financial needs. Features & Benefits are:
Accelerated repayment option (interest reduction)
Direct salary deductions of loan repayments (optional)
Pecan Asset Acquisition
This will assist in financing household appliances and other liquid asset items. Features & Benefits are:
Asset purchase from the bank’s pool of vendors
Pre-agreed equity contribution being a percentage of asset acquisition cost
Pecan Education Loan
Designed for payment of children’s school fees and settlement of educational expenses so as to bridge such finance gaps Invoice Discounting Facility- IDF Designed to discount customers’ invoices with reputable companies.
Features & Benefits
Access to finance to enables growth of micro and small entrepreneurs
Guaranteed loan recycling
Financial advisory services
SME loan
Pecan SME Loan is designed to meet working capital needs of entrepreneurs with existing businesses to enlarge business operations. This product is strictly fashioned for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises.
Group loan
The product is designed to provide finance to a group of individuals that are existing customers of the bank, with similar finance requirements or registered in a cluster or company whereby all parties have a joint liability towards ensuring the repayment of the loan.