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We recognize the need to save now in order to make future investments. This is why we offer various loan products.
Pecan Salary Loan Product- PESL
It is designed to enable salary earners access quick short term financial needs. Features & Benefits are:
Accelerated repayment option (interest reduction)
Direct salary deductions of loan repayments (optional)
Pecan Asset Acquisition
This will assist in financing household appliances and other liquid asset items. Features & Benefits are:
Asset purchase from the bank’s pool of vendors
Pre-agreed equity contribution being a percentage of asset acquisition cost
Pecan Education Loan
Designed for payment of children’s school fees and settlement of educational expenses so as to bridge such finance gaps Invoice Discounting Facility- IDF Designed to discount customers’ invoices with reputable companies.
Features & Benefits
Access to finance to enables growth of micro and small entrepreneurs
Guaranteed loan recycling
Financial advisory services
SME loan
Group loan
Ajo loan