We recognize the need to save now to guarantee a brighter future. This is why we offer various savings products that provide the opportunity to invest and earn attractive interest on a daily basics.

A hybrid account that offers the benefits of both savings and current accounts
Attracts competitive interest
Expert business advisory service
Savings for a predetermined tenor

Designed for individuals who desire to save for a guaranteed short term with high interest on savings
Daily contribution of a minimum of N1, 000 for 30days minimum tenor qualify customers for this high yielding savings product with an access to our variety of loan products
Access to our variety of loan products

Age (0-18years)
This product allows parents and guardians (of children between 0-18years) to make investments and consistent savings on their behalf, to guarantee their future

No minimum initial contribution required
Pre-determined target and period
Available for children
No withdrawal within that tenor

Available for receipt of salary payment
Available for loan disbursement
No minimum balance required

Attracts high yield interest on savings
No minimum balance required
Available for staff salary payments
Eligible for group loans
Access to Pecantrust advisory and consultancy services

Highly competitive interest rates
Tenor ranging from 30-365 days and above
Minimum deposit of N100, 000
May serve as collateral deposit for loan facilities