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We recognize the need to save now in order to make future investments. This is why we offer various loan products.
Pecan Salary Loan
The Pecan Salary Loan is designed to enable salary earners access short-term financial needs repayable on pay day.
Pecan Asset Finance loan
This product aims to offer loans to new and existing customers for the purpose of financing the purchase of household appliances and other assets from the bank’s recommended and or approved retailers.
Back to school loan
This product aims to offer ‘Back to school’ (B2S) loans to new and existing customers. The objective is to assist parents and guardians with settling their wards and children’s fees. The target age range is between 3-14years. This product is seasonal.
SME loan
Pecan SME Loan is designed to meet working capital needs of entrepreneurs with new and existing businesses. This product is designed for Small and Medium Sized Enterprise(s).
Ajo individual loan
This is a micro-loan product designed to enable individuals (unbanked & banked) with small business ventures and ability for periodic cash contributions access finance facilities,
Ajo group loan
The product is designed to provide finance to a clusters of existing customers of the bank with similar financial needs whereby all parties have a joint liability towards ensuring the repayment of the loan.
Collateral lending
This product is designed to provide immediate finance to individuals with minimal requirements except for the pledged collateral.